Market Insights and Sector Analysis help you identify the trends, challenges and opportunities that shape your industry. Set up regular alerts for strategic insights on market and technology trends that matter to your business.

By conducting deep dives into your specific market, our expert analysts help you gather (f)actual Market Insights

  • Gain situational awareness
  • Understand value chains to help you gauge performance, activities, and business momentum.
  • Conduct investment trend analysis to help you understand emerging investment themes based on recent M&A, IPO and investor activity.

Work with a sector analysts for a strategic assessment of the companies, trends and market activity impacting your industry and the business opportunities for your organization.

  • Companies – identify and profile competitors, strategic partners, innovators that can help you achieve your goals. Map, monitor and score new and existing players, their business model, technology focus and impact on sustainability goals.
  • Trends – gain a deeper understanding of how market trends, technology, novel ways of doing business affects specific market segments through expert analysis of the business ecosystem, value chains, market drivers, challenges and dynamics.
  • Activity – monitor┬ámarket drivers, challenges and dynamics to stay ahead of your market

Set up tailored alerts on new companies, emerging technologies and sector insights that matter to your business.