Digital platform connecting schools & businesses

Syntra provides individuals, commercial organisations, government owned organisations and public boards with top quality education. Their offerings consist of  the latest forms of education and technology, enabling them to work as efficient as possible. Syntra has more than 20 campussen spread across Belgium, offering more than 500 educational programs.

A very popular and upcoming educational form is ‘duaal leren‘ (learning by doing). Syntra has been appointed by the government to accommodate the duaal leren program in Flanders. This year the program will be tested, validated and optimized in close collaboration with the different stakeholders. op With this educational form, a lot of different actors will have to be connected with each other (e.g., Syntra, organizations, the government). This used to be done manually for each request, making it a time consuming and non-efficient way of working.

We Connect Data developed a platform which automates this process, making the whole process way more efficient. Once the data is provided by the different actors, the system aggregates the data and automatically processes the requests made. The data management at Syntra is now more streamlined, and people are able to learn and work at the same time more easily!

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