Linked open data – Connecting Flemish municipalities

The “Agentschap Binnenlands Bestuur” (the Flemish Agency for Domestic Governance) is striving for better data management within the government of Flanders. At the moment, cities and municipalities publish their latest decisions on their website to inform the public. However, the information often does not reach the intended people, because, among others, the data are unstructured. Moreover, the cities all have their own way of working, which makes it almost impossible to automatically compare the data from the different cities and municipalities.

We Connect Data contributed to this project by developing a proof of concept consisting of a platform which; allows for municipalities and cities to input their data in standardized forms, links the open data from the different cities and municipalities, provides a search function to check each city’s- and municipality’s developments, creates a website widget showing the latest changes in the mandates. Other parties such as, iMinds & the UGent are also contributing to this project, all with the hopes of a success.

The proof of concept gets the Flemish Agency for Domestic Governance one step closer to the goal of a more efficiently organized Flemish government. Keep an eye on the Flemish Agency for Domestic Governance’s website to stay updated on the latest developments of the project.



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