Realizing ecosystem visualization

iLastic is a project developed in cooperation with iMinds, the center for digital research and entrepreneurship in Belgium. More than 900 academic researchers at 5 Flemish universities work together with the industry, aiming to convert the digital knowhow to future products and services. Moreover, iMind encourages and supports tech entrepreneurs in their effort to launch their smart innovations.

With every new project many different actors are involved, which is paired with multiple data sources. Finding a way through all the data was a tedious and almost impossible task for iMinds, which led to the development of iLastic. We Connect Data helped built the iLastic platform, which is built for data aggregation and data visualization. The data is aggregated from all of iMinds’s data sources concerning the projects, researchers, published papers and involved organisations. All of the interlinkages between the individual data sources are then visualized with iLastic. This ecosystem, consisting of all the different researchers, papers, projects and involved organisations, is now more easily accessible. The ecosystem has always been there, but now with iLastic we can actually see it.

Keep an eye out on iMinds’s website and the website of We Connect Data to stay updated on the latest iLastic news.

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