GoOV enables people with learning disabilities or cognitive disorder to travel independently with the public transport (hereinafter “OV”) using the GoOV app. The traveler gets travel instructions at the correct time via the app (for example,”press the stop button” and “exit now.”), based on the current location and relevant travel information provided by open data.

GoOV originates from the Netherlands, and We Connect Data localizes the GoOV platform for the Flemish market in close collaboration with the GoOV team led by Lars Nieuwenhoff. We Connect Data integrates Flemish open data related to mobility and public transport in the GoOV app. Moreover, together with a group of end users, care professionals and service providers from different domains, We Connect Data coordinates a living lab to validate the use of GoOV and the impact on the end users’ travel behavior in a real setting.

The GoOV project will be a success for us once we have realized a living lab validation in one of the Flemish cities by the end of the year 2016, and when we can achieve a similar functionality of the app, as in the Netherlands, on the basis of Flemish open data.

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