Centralizing Ghent’s opening hours

At the moment, the opening hours data in Ghent are not centrally managed, making it difficult to find the correct data and update it. With the Openingsuren (opening hours) project, Ghent aims to centralize the opening hours database in its city to make the opening hours data more findable and easier to manage. Moreover, they aim to standardize the data and provide the data as linked open data.

The opening hours are managed in multiple different systems, of which some are known (e.g., VESTA, ReCreateX) and some are unknown. Additionally, websites and apps pull the opening hours data using an API and display the opening hours in a variety of ways. This current system will be replaced by a central module, in which new data can be inputted by city administrators and in which data are aggregated from the current platforms. Moreover, the data in the current platforms will also be updated based on the new module.

We Connect Data is part of the development team and is helping build the new module for the opening hours. We aim to make this unique open data project into a success, and to be used by other cities in the future!

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