Our Services

It is a challenge for businesses to deal with the ever-growing amount of data. Keeping your competitive advantage and ensuring smooth operations requires to work with a multitude of tools and to integrate data across applications.

Our solutions enable you to connect and aggregate business critical data in real-time and to publish or visualize the linked information in a meaningful way.

Data Management

We love contributing to The Datatank project to strengthen the open source community and help people leveraging the value of open data. Therefore we offer service level agreements on top of the software so that you can be part of the supportive community, and get custom support for your needs.

Data Aggregation

We Connect Data offers a smart data aggregator, providing a REST API platform with reusable and general-purpose RESTful services enabling to harvest data from multiple sources, to aggregate the data in a smart way and to publish the aggregated data across multiple end user applications.

Ecosystem Intelligence

Over the last few decades, driven largely by digital technologies and massively increased connectivity, the economy has been moving beyond narrowly defined industries built around large, vertically integrated, and mainly “self-contained” corporations. New means of creating value have been developing everywhere in the form of ever-denser and richer networks of connection, collaboration, and interdependence.