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DataScouts is an Ecosystem Intelligence Platform, to visualize, explore and engage what matters to the companies within a shared ecosystem. DataScouts allows ecosystem leaders to stay informed about the companies they cater for, incl. the team, the customers, the market they serve, the technology they adopt and the business milestones they achieve. DataScouts helps you visualize your real-time data into eye-catching and engaging infographics, interactive dashboards and maps.

DataScouts, offers a broad range of consulting services linked to building and developing vibrant business communities, incl. value network analysis and business model / go-to-market coaching. Additionally, DataScouts offers Value Network Analysis services to provide insights about the socio-demographic and geosensitive trends influencing a market, a sales territory, a city or community.

An ever growing range of data sets is available, from open data up to licensed data provided by B2B data partners. No matter what you are interested in, chances are we can find free data sets to visualize elements that are relevant to your organization’s need.

Our tools allow to gain deeper insights in the places that matter to the actors within an ecosystem and the markets these actors are operating in. They offer the capability to analyze the underlying location-centric factors that drive business results. The geographic approach to analyzing community related data (locations of the members, their reach, transactions) confronted with Social Network Analysis, provides richer marketing and sales insights.

Besides having a clear view of your current situation, understanding the socio-demographic shifts and economic trends that influence your business is vital in keeping your competitive advantage. Therefore you have to look beyond the historical data you own and enrich your business data with relevant external data sets to discover and explore the market you are operating in.

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