KMO Portefeuille

A measure giving entrepreneurs
financial aid in the purchase of advice.

The KMO Portefeuille is a measure whereby you – as an entrepreneur – receive financial aid when purchasing services that improve the quality of your enterprise. These services contain advisory services such as e.g. creating a communication plan for your business.

We Connect Data BVBA has been audited and certified by het Vlaams Agentschap Innoveren en Ondernemen and its advisory services are eligible for project subsidies and our registration number is DV.A235116.

A Flemish SME can use the KMO Portefeuille project subsidies to finance part of our advisory services.

The percentage a SME can get subsidised through the KMO Portefeuille depends mainly on the size of the organisation:

  • Small companies (less than 50FTE): maximum 40% of the services are subsidised with a maximum of 10.000€ per year.
  • Medium-sized companies (less than 250FTE): maximum 30% of the services are subsidised with a maximum of 15.000€ per year.


You sign the advisory services agreement with We Connect Data BVBA

You pay your share of the project cost on the account of the KMO Portefeuille. Your part is either 60% or 70% of the advisory services agreement excluding VAT and additional costs.

Agentschap Innoveren & Ondernemen adds the subsidy on the same account.

After the delivery of the advisory services, you receive the invoice for the project and you pay 1. Through for the cost of the advisory services agreement excluding VAT and additional costs 2. Directly to We Connect Data BVBA for possible additional costs and VAT (on the cost of the advisory services and additional costs).

More information and recent updates on the procedure for the KMO Portefeuille can be found