Ecosystem Intelligence

visualise, explore and engage the actors in your ecosystem

Over the last few decades, driven largely by digital technologies and massively increased connectivity, the economy has been moving beyond narrowly defined industries built around large, vertically integrated, and mainly “self-contained” corporations. New means of creating value have been developing everywhere in the form of ever-denser and richer networks of connection, collaboration, and interdependence.

The rise of business ecosystems is fundamentally altering the key success factors for leading organizations, forcing them to think and act differently regarding their strategies, business models, leadership, core capabilities, value creation and capture systems, and organizational models.

We Connect Data supports connected organizations, business ecosystems, dynamic and co-evolving communities of diverse actors to co-create and capture new value through increasingly sophisticated models of both collaboration and competition.

One of our solutions centered around ecosystem intelligence is DataScouts. DataScouts is an Ecosystem Intelligence Platform, to visualize, explore and engage what matters to the companies within a shared ecosystem. DataScouts allows ecosystem leaders to stay informed about the companies they cater for, incl. the team, the customers, the market they serve, the technology they adopt and the business milestones they achieve.

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