Data Aggregation

The wide adoption of digital media, the irrevocable use of mobile devices and social media has boosted the creation of data. Every mobile, web, and IoT project offers the opportunity for a business to collect more and more data about their users, their preferences, their location. Although business have never owned so much valuable data about their business, their customers, their business processes, it has never been harder to act upon it.

User-oriented organizations may build and/or integrate dozens or even hundreds of mobile, web, peer-to-peer applications. New projects bring new requirements that were not anticipated and are not met by existing back-end services. Services are loosely coupled, API building continues over time with various developers, consultants, and subcontractors.

API chaos

REST API complexity is a challenging problem for development teams building mobile, web, and IoT applications. The tendency to build new APIs for each new project has negative consequences for each project and leads to bigger back-end complexity problems over time.

We Connect Data offers a smart data aggregator, providing a REST API platform with reusable and general-purpose RESTful services enabling to harvest data from multiple sources, to aggregate the data in a smart way and to publish the aggregated data across multiple end user applications.

data aggregator platform

The smart data aggregator provides web developers clear benefits in terms of more agile development, decreased development costs, and faster time to market.