Build strategies, embrace innovation and engage in ecosystems to deliver growth in a circular, digitized and resource-efficient future. We’ll help you set priorities and determine where and how to find partners, technology, innovation and new business opportunities that take your business forward.

Market and Competitive Analysis Understand market opportunity and trends to develop competitive value proposition

  • Determine market size, growth and trends.
  • Analyse the competitive landscape.
  • Understand the value chain and the enabling ecosystem.
  • Define market opportunity and develop value proposition.

Internationalisation StrategyEvaluate conditions to enter new markets and develop roadmap for international expansion.

  • Define your goals and how to measure success.
  • Understand the attractiveness of new geographical markets.
  • Map competitive landscape and analyse the enabling ecosystem.
  • Define what is needed to be competitive.
  • Build a strategic roadmap to scale.

Innovation StrategyEmbrace innovation to reach your strategic goals

  • Define your goals and how to measure success
  • Analyse the existing innovation ecosystem incl. surrounding startup ecosystem, technology accelerators and open innovation platforms
  • Determine the most appropriate approach to embrace innovation to reach your goals.
  • Establish a systematic approach to innovation watching and tech scouting.

Business Development StrategyFind, assess and engage business opportunities and strategic partnerships.

  • Define your long term business goals and how to measure success
  • Understand market trends and emerging technologies
  • Map key opinion leaders and main stakeholders
  • Define your strategy to lead or contribute to shaping the market

Innovation and Tech ScoutingExplore innovation and technology opportunities that fit your strategic roadmap.

  • Clarify the criteria for innovation partners.
  • Map and monitor relevant stakeholders across the value chain
  • Explore, screen and engage with innovation partners that are a strategic match.