DataScouts September release – What changed?

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We just released a new version of our DataScouts platform, our ecosystem intelligence platform. DataScouts allows innovators, incubators and accelerators, fund managers and portfolio managers  to visualize, explore and engage what matters to the companies within their ecosystem. The platform is evolving rapidly taking into account the feedback from our users and ecosystem leads.

Since our last update we have added several cool new features such as:

  • DataScouts offers a unique solution to save our customers precious time and headaches in terms of data housekeeping. The data hub platform automatically enhances the database of innovators. Moreover, it smartly aggregates, unifies and categorizes newly added company information.
  • Transparency about data ownership is one of our core values. That is why we put high priority to continuously improving our data provenance features. We allow our customers to track the history of their ecosystem data, spot conflicts, adjustments and autocompletions.
  • We are continuously experimenting with new interactive visualizations of an ecosystem. We care about providing insights in the vibrancy of an ecosystem and the connections between the actors in an entrepreneurial ecosystem.


Many more features have been added, but you will have to find out for yourself to see what DataScouts can do for you. Contact us if you want to start using DataScouts for managing your own ecosystem or portfolio of companies, or get a feel of the platform by visiting an ecosystem of one of our customers:

  1. Belgian Startup Ecosystem by
  2. Visualisation of scaleups across Europe by Sirris
  3. Startup ecosystem of the City of Antwerpen


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