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Bitspiration claims to be the only place in Eastern Europe connecting startups, technology and influencers to create the most extraordinary festival for creative minds.

Gathering world-class experts, companies and innovators, startups and investors, Bitspiration is a great place for we connect data to meet and greet ecosystem leaders form across the globe and especially Eastern Europe. With DataScouts, we strive to provide an Ecosystem Intelligence platform that enables incubators, accelerators, academia and whoever is involved in building a vibrant entrepreneurial and creative ecosystem to share knowledge and build common wisdom. We are convinced that massive acceleration of the startup scene in Europe requires the actors to join forces across hubs and across countries.

During a panel discussion we discussed about visa programs for startups and country-specific startup visa policies. Magdalena Beauchamp moderated the international panel of policy makers who are professionally involved in the creation of startup visa policies in the EU as well as entrepreneurs, the main beneficiaries.

panelPanel: Mattia Corbetta (Italian Ministry of Economic Development) / Lenard Koschwitz Allied for (Startups) / Maria Palmieri (Tech City UK) / Rivo Riistop (Startup Estonia) / Yaron Schwarcz (Tridom) / Ingrid Willems (We Connect Data)

The panel served as the inauguration of Startup Poland’s analysis on startup visa policies in 16 countries around the world (including 9 in Europe). Policies that facilitate hiring specialists from outside the EU and granting foreign entrepreneurs the right to start and run an innovative business in a host country is directly linked to studies confirming that diversity of a local ecosystem and thus the entrepreneurial collision of local and international entrepreneurs positively affects the economic development of the host countries.

Bitspiration is a great place  to make new, meaningful connections and gather feedback from startups, investors and specialists looking to capture their suggestions to make shift happen.

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