Explore the Belgian Tech Startup Scene

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In collaboration with, the association of 85+ supporting organisations for Belgian Startups, we implemented DataScouts, the Ecosystem Intelligence Platform enabling to collect, connect and explore what is happening in the Belgian startup landscape.

For it is extremely important to be able to map in detail the Belgian startup ecosystem and the surrounding community, including the relations between the different stakeholders involved. The ecosystem mapping allows to better analyse the situation “as is” and to provide data-driven insights and recommendations on how to improve the local entrepreneurial climate. Being able to benchmark across cities and regions is a necessity to do so.

Gathering this data is an extremely time-consuming and delicate effort. We Connect Data not only provides a unique solution to map and visualise our current data, but also to help us share, exchange data and crowd-source data with many different partners in our ecosystem and beyond.

Providing the expertise on complex data models, secure data exchange and business modelling in the data economy has proven to be a great asset of We Connect Data. This allows us to grow the benchmarking and research opportunities far beyond our country borders and the limits of our own database.Explore the Belgian Tech Startup Scene

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